Cohort Participants

Overview of Outreach Outcomes

  • Project Team members made contact with seven commercial fishermen operating out of the Port of Monterey and invited their participation in a combined Santa Cruz/Monterey focus group conversation.
  • Two individuals from Monterey agreed to participate, however, one individual did not attend due to technical difficulties and one individual did not attend and did not provide an explanation for their absence.
    • Of the five Monterey commercial fishermen who were invited but declined to participate, several reasons were provided regarding their decisions. Some felt burned by the MPA implementation process and did not trust how the information they shared would be used by researchers or decision makers. Others referenced strained relationships within the port (i.e., ongoing tense political climate between commercial fishermen and the MBFT due to trawler advocacy/activity, and other tense relationships between commercial fishermen and external groups, including CDFW, FGC, and researchers).
  • The focus group conversation planned for Monterey/Santa Cruz consisted of five Santa Cruz commercial fishermen and no Monterey commercial fishermen.
  • An additional Monterey Bay area focus group was conducted with four Moss Landing commercial fishing community members.

Additional Resources

  • For more information, visit the focus group summaries for Santa Cruz and Moss Landing.
  • For further questions, please contact